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If historical explorers could exist in the modern day they would be baffled by the kind of technology most of us take for granted on a daily basis. The things they could have done with the technology of today is an interesting thought to ponder, but what is also interesting is thinking about what today's explorers are doing with the equipment made available to them. The accessibility of satellite internet means that research and exploration can take place in a much more efficient and informed fashion. No matter how far from civilization they may venture, people can still connect to the rest of the world via the internet.

The very basic form of this idea is the satellite phone. Explorers and researchers have been using them for quite some time to both send and receive calls while in tremendously remote locations. Depending on a person's destination there is a variety of equipment they could carry along that would connect them to satellite internet no matter where in the world they are. Destination is important because the more treacherous a journey looks to be, the less a person will need to pack, including technological equipment. There is equipment to fit the needs of nearly any explorer.

For individuals who will be making their way around mostly with vehicles, having a dish attached with a trailer is a good idea. A dish is especially useful if a person is headed to an area of the world with rather heavy rain fall. Rain fade is a problem when it comes to satellite internet and the larger the surface area of the dish is, the higher the chances are that the signal will not be disrupted by the moisture. There are also dishes that can be set up on tripods, allowing the user to adjust the dish as necessary and perhaps give it a little more height if need be. Both of these options should be used by people who have the space and vehicles to store bigger, heavier equipment.

People who need to pack as lightly as possible should look into the more compact models of satellite internet broadband antennas. There are some available that can easily fit inside of a laptop case and provide internet access anywhere. The smaller a model a person chooses, the slower the connection will be, though it will be a light addition to any load and they are very durable. People can use these antennas to set up mobile offices if they like, using voice calling, faxing, and even voice mail. These antennas work in every country in the world and will keep users connected to whoever they like with great reliability.

The accessibility of satellite internet means that people can bring all of the knowledge of the people and books back home, without having to bring anything more than a few pieces of equipment. Discoveries can be shared, questions can be asked, and knowledge and understanding can grow immediately, through the use of the internet. Being able to have this level of communication no matter where a person is in the world is astounding and can only mean great things for the academic future. (by Joseph Cranston)

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