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The benefits and diversity of four seasons is a treat that Michigan residents get to enjoy all year long, but unfortunately, each season seems to bring its own unique bug and pest population. From the familiar carpenter ant to critters more uncommon and frightening such as roaches and bats, a good exterminator can soon become a year round friend.

Of course if a certain bug or rodent begins to take up residence in our living area, be it outside the home or inside, it is usually not very long before we become aware of our new neighbors. These little creatures have a way of multiplying faster than we can stomp them out. Before long it often becomes necessary to call a Detroit based pest control expert to eliminate the intruders once and for all.

We have been taught that most insects are beneficial and keep the proverbial food chain in tact. While this is true, there are many who simply don’t like bugs or are afraid of certain kinds of home and garden pests. In this case it is better to hire an exterminator and rid your space of worrisome creatures than to bother any further with them.

Many of the pest control companies in the Detroit area are now using natural products to rid your home and yard of unwanted critters. In an effort to become environmentally safe, new products have been developed that are not harmful to people, pets or vegetation. This is a major breakthrough for extermination services, as it helps to ensure the safety not only of the homeowner, their beloved pets, and their lawn and garden but also of the person applying the product.

So, when considering the services of a pest and rodent control company, it may be smart to look into those that are more “green” in their approach to extermination. When making the initial call, ask about the products they use, how safe they are, and how many applications are generally required to get the job done. Then, once you’ve chosen the company that best suits your preferences, get ready to say farewell to your uninvited guests.

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