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The purpose of insurance is to safeguard against catastrophe – the unexpected – the crises in life that are not certain, but probable. Insurance is something most people would rather not have to spend money on, but do anyway, as they realize it is way better than doing without.

With a plethora of insurance companies that serve southeast Michigan, it is often difficult to know where to begin to find the one for you. There are some very “big” names, those companies who have been around for decades, and some people feel safest with them – regardless if they pay a little larger premium. But there are small firms as well that handle most, if not all, of the same products as the larger companies. Here in Detroit there are many such smaller insurance agencies. Their integrity speaks for itself if you’ve ever made a claim and seen firsthand the prompt and courteous attention you’ve received.

There are myriad products available through insurance companies these days, whether you are in the market for personal insurance or business insurance. Some of the products that are offered for personal protection are: homeowners or condo insurance, automobile, boat and recreational vehicles, luxury items (such as to insure valuable jewelry), and even celebration insurance – covering that special event in the case of an unexpected catastrophe or cancellation.

For Michigan business insurance, it is necessary to find a knowledgeable broker who can walk you through the details of liability, workman’s compensation, disability and other mandatory types of insurance products. There are usually state regulated minimum coverage amounts that a good agent who has been involved with business insurance coverage can assure that you meet.

Of course, there is also the often talked about medical insurance that is a must in these days of exorbitant healthcare costs. Whether it is medical, major medical, dental, vision or the several other types of healthcare coverage that you’re looking for, a good insurance company has products that are suited to your needs. Gone are the days of having two or three packaged deals to select from; the cost of healthcare coverage has become so outlandish, that companies are now offering many plans to accommodate a range of price points. There are many types of personal and family medical insurance for the self-employed and those who are not covered by their company, as well as a large selection for businesses choosing to cover their employees.

With thousands of products offered, it is best to get an experienced insurance broker who can guide you into purchasing exactly what you need. If the choice seems daunting, there are services available to help you find the right insurance agency for your particular needs. It is important to work with a reputable insurance broker; so make sure that you’ve done at least a little bit of homework so that you do not end up buying more coverage than you truly need.

Check prices and get updated quotes every few years. Many people are loyal to their insurance agent, but fail to realize that coverage is coverage and if comparing apples to apples, it’s all the same. Why not get the best possible price?

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