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Making the Best of a Tough Situation

Sooner or later we are all going to face the dreaded and often confusing task of burying a loved one. With grief and loss permeating our entire being, we are forced to make decisions that should not have to be made at such a painful time. This is why it is often suggested that we make funeral arrangements, or at least make our burial wishes known, while we are alive and healthy. While this seems morbid, it really does alleviate a lot of stress and “unconscious” decision making when emotions are high and time is of the essence.

Trusting an undertaker to guide us through the process of burial, cremation and other funeral details is something we do practically without giving it a second thought. This is because we figure they know what is best and we just want to get the process over with so we can grieve in peace. But a funeral director does not always know what is best for us and our families. They are business people, and compassionate as most are, many may try to sell us more than we need, particularly knowing that we want to honor the loved one who has passed. It is important to ask questions at this time in order to be as certain as we can that we are getting what is best and not more than we need.

Included in funeral arrangements is the concept of a devotional hour, a rosary hour, or prayer time, depending on the families’ religious practices and beliefs. This can create a dilemma in and of itself, especially when the one who passed had a different faith practice than the family members putting the arrangements together. So again, this is also why it is recommended that we make our memorial/funeral wishes known ahead of time. This can easily be noted on a piece of paper and placed with our will/trust portfolio. Or it can be given to the person who will have power of attorney over your affairs – there are many Michigan attorneys that handle this.

Depending on where the Detroit, Michigan area our loved one will be laid to rest, we sometimes choose a funeral home simply by locality. While this definitely plays into the choice, it should not be the only reason for our selection. It would be a good idea to look for a funeral director that we feel comfortable with, and perhaps even one who comes with a recommendation from someone we trust.

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