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Got a birthday coming up? How about a wedding in the future? Maybe you are a business owner looking for a great way to boost the morale of your employees and show your appreciation by throwing a company celebration. With Detroit’s huge variety of banquet halls, caterers, restaurants, party suppliers and music entertainment, it isn’t a matter of how to find what you need but rather how to CHOOSE. Sometimes decisions are easier to make when the choices are limited. But with a large selection also comes the better chances of finding the company to serve exactly the food, fun or venue that best suits the occasion. Do you want hamburgers or sushi? Do you want a live band or an inflatable moonwalk? The choices are endless.

Of all of Michigan’s restaurants and caterers, it seems when we find one or two we like we stick with them. While trying out new restaurants is a fun thing to do, most folks end up going to the same three or four restaurants every month, with perhaps a new one scattered in the mix. And even more so with catering. Though hiring a caterer is not something that is done with any regularity, when a good caterer is found for that graduation or company barbeque, they are usually the one you call again for future festivities. Tried and true makes more sense than picking somebody new out of the blue and being disappointed. The testimony of friends and family really helps when choosing a restaurant, catering company, musical band, or DJ, so it’s a good idea to ask around.

How about when junior turns eight and has a birthday party for his classmates? This is when hiring a clown, a puppeteer or even inflatable toys and a variety of carnival games becomes a necessity for those hard to please youngsters. From cotton candy machines to inflatable moonwalks, there’s no shortage of options for the kids. And, when junior grows up a bit more and you find he is graduating from high school (“how quickly time flies,” you muse), just call any one of Detroit’s party rental suppliers for tents, tables, chairs, linens, dishes and more. Again, hire that caterer to handle the food and before the day is done all you’ve had to supply is the cash. The food, entertainment, setup is done for you. Better yet, rent a catering hall and just show up with a couple of checks in your hand. See, it really can be easy to throw a bash.

So for your next big event make plans to have most of the work done for you by hiring southeast Michigan’s entertainment companies. With the abundance of choices out there, you are sure to find just the venue, entertainment, food types and party suppliers that you need.

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