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Finding the right accounting firm, tax preparation company or bookkeeping service is not always easy. Although “numbers don’t lie”, personalities and techniques differ greatly, and, money can be a touchy subject. When it comes to personal or business bookkeeping, it is important to find a firm that creates comfort as well as confidence. In Michigan, auditing standards are high, and in these tough economic times, it pays to have somebody you can trust to ensure that every penny counts. With a large selection of accounting/bookkeeping firms in the Detroit area, it should be fairly simple to find the one that’s the best fit for you.

Keeping up on your accounting tasks is a priority, as many business owners – especially small business owners – feel that the accounting chores can be set aside until a more convenient time. In most cases, “convenient” never presents itself, and somewhere around January or February of the following year they find tax season fast approaching. The task of putting receipts and reconciliations in order has now become huge. While Michigan is a great place to find contract bookkeeping help, the fees are not small, and the cost of handling these minor but undesirable accounting tasks now becomes an expense that could have been avoided.

When it comes to finance and retirement planning things can be a little trickier. Just as you must trust the integrity of an accountant or bookkeeper, you must trust a financial planner – but more – you must trust his/her wisdom, insight and knowledge of the myriad markets and products available. You must be confident that s/he will be able to help you make a profit. It is not an easy thing to put your “financial future” into anyone’s hands, and this is virtually what happens when trusting your financial advisor with an investment or investments. Michigan and Detroit area financial and retirement planners are plentiful; but one you believe in is going to count.

Local internet searches can be a great way to find a good tax person, accounting firm, financial advisor, retirement strategist. It helps if you can get referrals from friends and colleagues, as the trust factor is usually already a given – at least from their end. While searching the internet or other directories for southeast Michigan financial firms you may want to keep in mind a few things:

  • Local is good due to convenience
  • Credibility can be checked by obtaining references
  • Testimonials provide a feel for the customer’s perspective

Make certain to list any questions on paper so that when you make your initial call you can be sure to remember to get the information you need. It’s important to realize that you are looking to hire this service, so no question is insignificant – find out all you can up front.

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