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Pets, one of Michigan’s favorite pastimes! Most all pet owners consider their precious pet to be a significant member of the family. Whether it’s the puppy who’s just learning the “rules”, the ornery cat that has been around for several years, or the noisy but cheerful parrot that remembers to wish you a good morning, one thing is certain: pets and their lovers are here to stay.

The great thing about southeast Michigan is that there is no shortage of veterinary services. Animal clinics, hospitals, kennels and shelters are located throughout every city and county in Michigan for the convenience of those who are concerned about their favorite pet’s health. Readily available also are veterinary offices that cater to the routine requirements your pet needs such as vaccinations, de-worming, medications and general checkups. Many clinics offer such specialized services as laboratories, ultrasounds, dental radiographs, and X-rays. When looking for a Michigan veterinary clinic for your pet, keep in mind that the more comprehensive the capabilities of the clinic, the less difficulty you will have if elaborate treatment is ever required.

A great veterinarian is a treasure to find. While assuming all vets love animals, the gentleness and bedside manner with not only your pet, but you as the owner, is an important thing to consider. And not only is it a good idea to look for a compassionate veterinary physician, but it is equally important that the staff – even the reception personnel – is loving and gentle to your pet. This will help to ensure that “Fido” likes his visits to his doctor, and helps to prevent fear and the subsequent reactions that can result.

Many southeast Michigan veterinary practices now offer insurance to help with animal care that can become quite costly. As well there are pet medications that can run up a monthly budget; it may be worth the time to check into those services that deliver medications directly to your home.

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