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In many of the more rural communities in Michigan city water is a resource that is not available. This is true even in some suburbs of Detroit, where well water is the only choice offered. There are also areas that are receiving city water, but the water is hard and needs conditioning. In all of these cases, it is usually necessary, or at the very least, beneficial, to treat the water in order to remove ferrous iron, calcium and other chemicals that affect taste, odor and quality.

There are many water treatment companies in southeast Michigan, some of which have been established for several decades. It is smart to select a reputable long standing company when considering having your water treated, as there is a science to removing chemicals from hard water, and it is not a one size fits all proposition. Many water treatment companies offer their customers rental terms for their water softeners. In these cases, if there is a problem with the unit the company usually takes the responsibility of handling it.

Hard water is not only distasteful, but has many other detrimental effects. Hard water lessens the effectiveness of laundry soaps, dishwashing detergents and all cleaning substances. The cleaning agents in these products are not as easily broken down in hard water. As a result more soap/product is required as well as more scrubbing, and the end result is still not as clean as it could be. Water containing an overabundance of minerals such as iron, calcium, lime and magnesium is also very hard on plumbing parts, especially the pipes, not to mention appliances such as washing machines and coffee pots.

Aside from the problems that hard water creates to the environmental aspects listed above, it can’t be very healthy to ingest large quantities of those minerals. As well, anything cooked with it seems to end up with an unpleasant taste, especially teas and coffees. So, if you have not been fortunate to end up with a good, clean supply of soft city water, a water treatment service is the way to go.


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