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Technology is an Integral Part of Our Lives

Technology is everywhere and in everything. It is integral to our day-to-day lives. It has the potential to transform – to make life easier and better – to add “quality” to our lives. It is an important part of the equipment in our in our homes, our cars, our entertainment experiences, and our recreational activities. Technology is an especially important part of our work and business lives.

In our day-to-day work, most of us operate – even leverage – some kind of technology to manage, produce, market, and deliver our products and services. The technology we use includes telephones and telephone systems; photocopiers; printers; personal computers – both stand-alone and networked; facsimile or fax machines; scanners; cable and satellite televisions; electronic “tethers” – cellular telephones, pagers, and internet-enabled multi-media smartphones (I-Phones, BlackBerries, and Treos); GPS or global positioning systems and directional finders; and much, much more.

With all this technology, many businesses have been created in Detroit and Southeast Michigan to create, supply, sell, install, manage, train, and support business technology users. Some of these firms create industry-specific technology (e.g., a software developer that creates a program to integrate patient files and business processes for hospitals and medical offices). Other firms provide expertise in one aspect of technology (e.g., computer or telephone technology) for a wide variety of business types.

Integral to most of our work lives is the personal computer or PC. This powerful tool allows us to quickly process large amounts of data, creating “digestible” reports and decision tools. It also allows us to quickly convey communicate information from one part of a company to another, to colleagues at vendor and customer locations, and to other parts of the world (e-mail). With it, we have the ability to easily do research by experts throughout the world, and find and purchase products (Internet).

The personal computer has changed the way companies market their products and services. Today, it is increasingly important for companies to have an “Internet Presence.” This allows client organizations and individuals to gain information about products and services, make purchases through the use of shopping carts, educate themselves and read product reviews, etc. A web presence also allows a company to inform clients about its location, contact information, hours of operation, company philosophy, and more. Clients become self-sufficient and companies save money. Many companies in Detroit and Southeast Michigan have formed to design, manage, and host websites.

The telephone is also integral to our work lives. It is available in desk and cellular models, and it allows us to speak with one or many individuals. This handy tool has become increasingly complex with the addition of automated attendants, voicemail, and complex features such as call transfer and conference calling. Telephone peripherals allow companies to passively market to callers that are on hold, waiting to transfer to the party whom they called. With changes to telephone technology and service, companies have formed in Michigan to help other businesses navigate and integrate all this complexity.

With the complexity of technology increasing, training is needed. Employees require training to efficiently operate all this “hard” and “soft” technology. They are taught how to effectively operate equipment, and simple and complex programs that “crunch” data, place and track orders, product status, and payments.

Companies in Michigan continue to be on the leading edge of technology. They are working to find new ways to integrate new technology into our businesses, improving and streamlining the ways we operate. Like it or not, technology is here to stay!

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