Affordable Web Design for Non Profits

Affordable Web Design for Non Profits

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Affordable Web Design for Non Profits

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We specialize in small businesses that prefer not to spend a fortune on marketing . . . .

. . . . but your website will look like you did!

As a small business owner, you are no longer doomed to be treated like the "little guy" with a website that looks like your brother-in-law’s neighbor threw it together.  Our high-quality, aesthetically appealing, professional websites are created by experts in the science of structure, design and search engine optimization.  Your website needs to work for you – we make that happen.

Our approach is simple: to deliver a clean, efficient website that attracts traffic, is easy to edit, and increases your bottom line.

Our goal is excellence: to provide a professionally created website with an affordable price tag, using keyword rich text and search engine optimization.  We design your website with your end users in mind.  While creative marketing techniques and graphics add to the frill of many sites, they do little to increase traffic or sales.  It is our objective to ensure that your website works for you, with simple yet effective graphics and text.

Our value is unequalled: we create a website that fits your style as well as your pocket book and invites potential customers.  We offer the simplicity and convenience of a management system that is extremely user friendly for pennies; or, if you prefer, our editorial services will handle changes for you.

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White Lake - Commerce - Waterford

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Internet Marketing, Web Design

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Google Pay Per Click, Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Optimization

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